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               當前位置:首頁 - 關于我們 - 公司簡介

                  公司擁有先進的Compass-Rules、 shippower螺旋槳及航速估算設計軟件、CAD軟件,以及門類齊全的船舶設計繪圖儀、曬圖機、打印機、復印機等先進設備。嚴格按照ZC、CCS、IACS、BV 、ZY等規范進行設計,經過四年多的發展,公司現有員工30余名,其中副教授、高工、工程師10余名,各類專業技術人員占員工總數的80%,已具備各類散貨船、集裝箱船、油船、化學品船、工程船、客船、駁船、拖船、漁輪的設計能力。公司本著精心設計、想用戶所想的宗旨,與船東、船廠密切配合,受到用戶一致好評。
                  Zhoushan Zhuolin Ship Design Co. Ltd , founded in April 2006, according to the relative articles in Company Law of the People's Republic of China and registered in State Administration of Industry and Commerce of ZhouShan. The company's main businesses are ship design, mapping and consultation. In 2008, it was honored the Class B Fishing Vessel Design Certificate by the state Department of Agriculture. In December 2009, Zhuolin was promulgated ISO9001:2008 Certificate by China Quality Certification Centre (CQC).
                  Zhuolin introduced domestic and international professional softwares for ship design, such as Compass-Rules,Shippower Propeller used for speed estimation, CAD software, moreover, we have a full range of ship design plotter, blueprinter, printers, copiers and other enlightened equipments. The design are strictly followed the rules of the ZC, CCS, IACS, BV, ZY etc. After four years' development, Zhuolin has more than thirty employees, ten of which are associate professors, senior engineers and engineers, and 80% of which are technicians in specific fields. Now the company has the ability of designing various types of bulk carriers, container ships, oil tankers, chemical tankers, engineering vessels, passenger ships, barges, tugs and fishing vessels. With the purpose of meticulous design and to meet the requirements of users,we cooperates closely with the ship owners, shipyards. Our designs have won consentaneous reputation among users.
                 Our company exhalent quality and prestige, upholding the "quality oriented, customer satisfaction, prestige first, excellent in the industry " policy .We have established a perfect quality system to improve product quality and make it perfect, we insist providing our customer best products and best services.